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Secretaría de Vialidad y Transporte. Hidalgo 92-A "Riberas del Pilar" Chapala, Jalisco


The local transito office offers a number of services to the general public.

Two of the most common services are driver licenses and a liberation form to get your car out of impound. Please note that the Riberas transito office is only able to help you get your car out of impound if impounded in the Chapala area. It doesn't matter where the car is stored. If your car was towed in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, you would have to go to the transito office in El Salto to get your liberation form, even if your car is in the storage lot in Chapala.

Requirements for obtaining a Jalisco State driver license:

•Provide the following documentation (original) with a copy:
•Passport (if foreigner)
•IFE Voting Credential (if Mexican)
•FM2 / FM3 or other immigration document (if foreigner)
•Utility Bill or proof of residence
•Know Blood Type
•Take vision exam
•Take Written Driving Knowledge Test (found here: Jalisco Driver Study guide )
•Take driving test (usually consists of having you parallel park).
•Payment of corresponding fees at Recaudadora (State Tax Collection Office) or Banamex (using the following info Sucursal No. 870 cuenta 55534-9 referencia 1)

Fees:              New:              Renewal:
Motorcycle     $230.00     $180.00
Automovilista $420.00     $315.00
Chofer             $475.00       $370.00

If your license was lost or stolen you are required to do a certification of prior license and pay the corresponding 35 peso fee.

For cars, there are 2 types of license, the "automovilista" license which only allows you to drive normal cars and the "chofer" license which allows you to drive cars and pickup trucks. The latter is the best one to get.

Requirements to get your car out of the impound lot:
•Original and copy of official ID (passport & immigration document / IFE voting card for Mexicans)
•Original factura and copy if the vehicle has Mexican plates
•Original pedimiento and title and copy if the vehicle has Mexican plates and was nationalized
•Original ticket and paid receipt showing fine paid
•Original registration and copy showing this year's fees paid if the vehicle has Mexican plates
•Original and copy of Vehicle Import Permit if imported from outside Mexico.

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